Muffle Furnaces

Muffle Furnaces Model D-62

Constructed of highest quality materials, which increases heating
efficiency, and reduce weight or external size
The insulation of a high purity alumina-silica composition eliminate
firebrick problems
Performs  temperature digital (LED) readout control PID that allows
selection of desired temperature with a range of room to 1200ºC
Silent electronic relay
Accuracy: ±1ºC.
Resolution 1ºC
Temperature  time programming with 4 ramps of 16 segments each
operate on furnace front panel
Ranges: room to 1160ºC and 99 hours 99 minutes
Repetitive ramps and start delay
Heating elements plates are encased in ceramic material for
structural support of the element wire, reducing corrosion from
contaminates, protecting from electrical shock and providing
an even source of heat

The heating elements can be independently and easily removed
Micro switch of open door
Double wall stainless steel case provides safe–to–touch external
Automatic switch of if temperature controller or probe to break down
A port at rear of the furnace chamber aids in venting noxious gases and
other vapours during burnout  operations

230V 50/60Hz.




    maxim ºC

     Chamber size

        w x d x h


        w x d x h





    17 L



   230 x 300 x 250mm

  500 x 600 x 550mm



   Operation: 230V 50/60Hz


Description - Accessories
1.8308.00Muffle, temperature digital control max. 1160ºC. Chamber 17L. Ramps. Model D62DR17
1.8307.00Muffle Furnace, temperature digital control max. 1160ºC. Chamber 17L.Model D62D17L
1.8301.22Bottom steel tray, 12x25 cm
1.8303.22Bottom steel tray, 19x30 cm