Spectrophotometer for microplates

Microplates Reader Model D-965

Absorbance micro plate reader for fast and accurate result

Using high quality optical components the reader can perform ELISA measurements between the wavelength of 340~900nm with end point, two point,and kinetic measurement method. For temperature sensitive essays the instrument includes a built-in incubator and shaker

The reader can be used in both standalone or PC control through the easy to use the included software. Users can perform advance features such as Qualitative, Cut-off, Quality control, and Ration/inhibition. Also be able to use the software to import and export data to the instrument

With the versatility and features provided within the D965 Micro plate reader users can use this instrument in many different applications such as ELISAs / EIAs, enzymatic activity, bacterial growth studies, and fast kinetic assays

Key Features

Multiple measurement modes and analysis methods.

Built with 3 types of measuring method ; end point, two points, and kinetic to suit the different needs of the users application
To help analyze different results the D965 series also provide cut-off and quantitative analysis method

Flexible and high performance measurement

With the modular filter wheel design of D965 users can customize filter wheel's configuration to different wavelength to fit their special applications. The enhance optical performance of the D965 is also capable of measuring speed lower than 5s per plate with the upmost precision.

Build-in incubator for kinetic studies.

The Micro plate reader is built with digital temperature and shaker  controller to regulate the incubator from ambient +3 to 50ºC temperature and  8,11 and 14Hz for stirrer, ideal for kinetic studies.

PC-Mate software to control and store data through the PC

The convenient PC software lets users control the measuring method, incubator, shaker, and analysis method through the PC or notebook in their lab
The PC software also transfers the protocols and standard curves of the instrument onto a PC or notebook for storage


D-965 include the filters 405,450,490 and 600nm. D-965+ include the filters 340,405,450,490,and 600nm.

Wavelength range

400-900nm or 340-900nm



Optical system

9 channels, 1 of reference

Data storage

Parameter,100 sets Data,50 sets


8 maxim

Well type



20 sets

Measuring range

0.000~4.000 Abs


RS232 or USB

Measurement  time

<5 seconds


+3ºC room~50ºC,±0.5ºC

Measurement modes

End point,Two point,Kinetics


8Hz, 11Hz and 14Hz


±0.005 Abs or 2%


±1% from 0.000 to 3.000Abs


<0.2% CV from 0.000 to 2.000Abs<0.5% CV de 2.000 a 3.000Abs


355x345x174mm (WxDxH)



Description - Accessories
5.9752.00Microplate Reader D965, range 400-900 nm
5.9752.01Microplate Reader D965+, range 340-900 nm
5.9752.02Filter 550 nm supplementary
5.9752.03Filter 570nm supplementary
5.9752.04Filter 650nm supplementary
5.9752.05Filter 800nm supplementary
5.9752.06Halogen lamp
8.9749.00PC computer with 24´´ LED screen