New Spectrophotometer Model VIS-3500

New Peristaltic Pumps Multichannel D-25Vplus

Date:  05 August 2022

Headline: New heads for DINKO Multichannel Peristaltic Pumps

Multichannel Peristaltic Pumps can drive several peristaltic tubes at the same time, which means that all the tubes give the same flow rate.

DINKO Multichannel Peristaltic Pumps are presented in the range modality D-25Vplus that provides the pumps with flow regulation, reverse flow, purge action and quick priming, ramp functions and automatic cyclic dosage, as well as the inclusion of a digital reader, membrane panel for command, external signal input 0-10V, 4-20mA and connection for remote control.

Two new Multichannel Pumps are presented:

One with 5 channels and 6 rollers, capable of regulating flow rates between 0,001ml/min and 64,0ml/min for each channel, and another with 10 channels and 6 rollers that can regulate flow rates between 0,001ml/min and 40ml/min. per channel.

Both offer a very uniform cadence.   

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Spectrophotometer Double Beam visible/ultraviolet Model UV/VIS8000 Smart Touch Screen

Data: July 2022

Spectrophotometer of new generation of dual-beam with 2 detectors to optimize accuracy, sensitivity, low stray light and a bandwidth of up to 0.5 nm. Range 190 to 1100nm

Smart Touch Screen Model

A versatility instrument for quantitative analysis, kinetics, scannings at various wavelengths and analysis of DNA / Protein. All operable directly on the instrument and displayed on the LCD display or transferred to PC, data, and curve.

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Spectrophotometer VIS Range

Date:  28 Junio 2022

Subject: New Spectrophotometer VIS-3500


♦Automatic to measure Absorbance, Transmittance and Concentrationssimultaneously
♦ Memory store of up to 200 results
♦ Calculation curves to determine concentrations of samples.
♦ Grating 1200 lines/mm
♦ Automatically WL. calibration and dark current getting
♦ Coefficient Method to find concentrations
♦The V-3500 admits the whole range of manual and motorized multiple cuvette holders or the “Peltier”thermostating systems and “Sipper” automatic sample dosing.

♦ Optional PC software providing the following functions on the range 320 to 1100nm

1. Kinetics
2. Quantitative calculations
3. Scanning’s
4. Automatic measurements at several wavelengths
5. Calculations DNA / Protein
6. Significant increase in data storage capacity


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Digital Vacuum Pumps

Digital Vacuum Pumps

Date: July 2022

The DINKO range of membrane vacuum pumps, type D-95, has recently replaced the analog vacuum and pressure gauges with digital models that facilitate a much more comfortable and accurate reading.

This improvement completes the one started in 2021 with the pumps equipped with digital reading controllers that allow the vacuum to be automatically maintained between two selectable limits. 

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Trichinoscope Model TriquiVisor Automat XY- HD

Date: 02 January 2017

Dear Sirs

The  DINKO TrichiVisor Automat XY- HD, a new instrument for a sequential, precise  and  quick  exam of  tissue animals specially conceived for the detection of trichinas has recently been improved.

To this end, a new optical system has been incorporated into the TriquiVisor, which provides an illumination on the display screen, which is totally uniform and free from undesirable reflections that could make the user's work difficult.

Although the recommendations of the Order M.P. 17 January 1996 and the Official Bulletin  of the European Community of December of 2005 only prescribe to go from 40 increases of the images to 90, for tests, the new optical system of the TriquiVisor offers a continuous regulation from 35 to a maximum of 160 increases.

In addition, it has been possible to further improve the high definition of image offered by the old optics

The enhanced TriquiVisor Automat XY-HD is available now

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Standards McFarland

McFarland Turbidity Standards

Dear Sirs

The Colorimeter DINKO according to McFarland measure the growing turbidity in colonies of bacteria’s in development.

As calibration standards are used precipitates generated by mixing Barium Sulfate, Barium Chloride and Sulfuric Acid, under the conditions set by McFarland (Journal of American Medical Association) and CLSI (Clinical & Laboratory Standards Institute)

DINKO added to manufacturing program Polymeric Standards contrasted with conventional precipitated of Barium Sulfate which give similar bacterial counts and have better consistency and stability

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New peristaltic pump head CF-4r

Low flow

The new easy loading head CF-4r for DINKO Peristaltic Pumps  D-25V plus get very minimal flow of 0.01 ml/minute with a maximum of 57 ml / minute.

In addition to the features already known as regulation of flow, reverse flow, purge and load fast action, functions of ramp and automatic cyclic dosage as well as the inclusion of a digital reader, membrane board for the command and signal input 0-10V for remote control, adds the new CF-4r pump head of four rollers

The 4 rollers of the CF-4r pump head bring to the peristaltic pumps a pumping cadence very uniform.

The extreme rapidity in changing tube makes this pump head essential option in cases necessitating frequent replacement tube for pumping different liquids, or the need to sterilize.

Spectrophotometer visible/ultraviolet Model VIS/UV4000

We announce the new Spectrophotometer ultraviolet/visible with range 190 to 1100nm for automatic measure of Absorbance and Transmittance

Equipped with high grating resolution 1200 lines/nm and bandwidth of only 2 nanometers, with memory capacity to store data and calibration curves calculated self, self-calibration processes and determination of concentrations by the method of Factor

Provided of USB port to connect with a PC through a optional software to display spectrum scanning, kinetics and multiwavelength testing results on the screen

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