Blender Model CB15E, CB15TE, and CB15VEX

High capacity, 4 litres, power and speed. 3.75HP motor
It crushes, emulsifies, mixes, pulverizes, homogenizes, or disintegrates in seconds
Stainless steel container with blades, independent of the base motor, with lid.
Adapting AD1 to use containers of 1L, 1.25L and smaller MC by request
Three speeds for the models CB15E and CB15VT(with timer)
Model CB15VEX with digital variable speed.
High: 56.5cm. Weight: 15.4Kg. Operation 230V 50/60Hz. 2250W

High speed, 20000rpm free, 15500rpm with 2L of water, 14000rpm with 4L

Medium speed 18300rpm free, 14400rpm with 2L of water, 13200rpm with 4L

Low speed 15500rpm free, 12500rpm with 2L of water, 11500rpm with 4L

Description - Accessories
10.9797.00Blender with container 4L, lid, three speeds Model CB15E 240V 50Hz.
10.9798.05Blender with st. st container 4L with lid, three speeds and timer Model CB15TE, 240V 50Hz
10.9798.06Blender with st. st. container 4L, lid, continuous speed control with display Model CB15VEX, 240V 50Hz
10.9799.00AD1 - Adapter for use smaller containers with 4L Blenders

Blender Model 8010

High power

Two speeds

One litre stainless steel or 1.25 litre glass container with vinyl lid

One litre and semimicro containers with screw cover all stainless steel

Blades integrated in the containers

Independent container of the base - motor

Minicontainers stainless steel in option with silicone lid


Speed: 22000 and 18500rpm.

Power: 400W.

Timer 1...180 seconds

High: 38/40.5cm.

Weight: 4.3/5.2Kg.

Operation: 240V 50/60Hz.

10.9794.008010S - Blender. One liter stainless steel container . Two speeds. Timer
10.9795.008010G - Blender. 1.25L glass container. Two speeds. Timer
10.9794.178010 - Blender only base


Interchangeable containers for serial 8010 Blenders. All include the blades, removable for replacement and lids. By AD1 adapter can be used with the Blender CB15 of 4L.

Blender Containers
10.9794.01One liter stainless steel container, spare
10.9795.011.25L glass container, spare
10.9807.00One liter sainless steel (75-500ml) with screw lid
10.9794.16510S - One liter stainless steel container, hermetic cover and sample valve
10.9800.00MC1 - Minicontainer, stainless steel, 12-37 ml
10.9801.00MC2 - Minicontainer, stainless steel, 37-110 ml
10.9802.00MC3 - Minicontainer, stainless steel, 50-250 ml
10.9806.00Semi micro stainless steel container 360ml(25-250ml) with screw lid

Spare parts and accessories

10.9794.10Blades for 8010
10.9800.01Blades for minicontainer MC1
10.9801.01Blades for minicontainer MC2
10.9802.01Blades for minicontainer MC3
10.9794.02Assembly, axis / blades / gasket PTFE for 8010
10.9794.18Set of tools to remove blades