Chlorine, determination

CHLORMETER visual – DPD Method

The Chlorine and their compounds are very used for the disinfection.
The measure of the residual chlorine is essential.
The level of Chlorine can be expressed in terms of Free Chlorine, Combinated or Total. The  residual Free Chlorine is the most important. The Chlormeter measure the Free Chlorine, Combined or Total in a range of 0 to 2.0mg / l of Cl


The test uses the method DPD internationally accepted as the standard method for the determination of Chlorine. In this method the reagents are presented in solution to facilitate their use

The Free Chlorine reacts with diethylparaphenylendiamine (DPD) to produce a pink coloration. The intensity of the colour is proportional to the concentration of Free Chlorine. Next the addition of Potassium Iodide induces an additional reaction with any present Chlorine compound. The intensity of the colour is proportional to the concentration of Total Chlorine; the increment of the colour represents the concentration of Combined Chlorine. The concentration of Chlorine is known as Combined by the difference among Total Chlorine and Free Chlorine. The colour intensity is measured by means of the Taylor comparator with the following scales 0.1 – 0.2 – 0.4 – 0.7 – 1.0 – 1.2 –1.5 and 2.0ppm provided of the real standard solutions in each scale. It includes reagents for 110 tests

Chlormeter, visual - Accessories
8.0012.00Chlormeter, Chlorine DPD, free/combined/total. Range 0-2.0 ppm Cl, with reagents for 110 tests
8.0012.01Reagent DPD 1, replacemen for Free Chlorine
8.0012.02Reagent DPD 2, replacement for free Chlorine
8.0012.03Reagent DPD 3, replacement for Combined and Total Chlorine

CHLORINE, strips for Chlorine test

Control of Chlorine of high levels, for  disinfection of utensils or foods like vegetables, salads or fruit, and others.

Submerging a strip one second in the liquid an indicative colour of concentration of Chlorine is obtained in ppm.

Scales: 10, 50, 100 and 200ppm Cl 

Chlorine, strips for detemination
8.0012.09Chlorine, strips. Scales 10-50-100-200ppm, 200 strips

CHLORMETER, photometric.

DPD Method, photometric


LCD Display 128x64 pixels, backlight

Determines Chlorine, Cyanuric  Acid and pH 

Stable and repetitive  reagents tablets. Packs of 50 tablets and 250 tablets by request.

Memory capacity: 10 last results

Ranges:  Free and total Chlorine: 0.01-5.0ppm.
              Model by request to 10ppm

               Cyanuric acid: 2 - 200ppm

               pH: 6.5 - 8.4

IP67 Protection. Size: 150x65x42mm.

Weight: 200g. Power: 2 x 1.5V AA batteries

Ask for model to 10,0 ppm Chlorine 

Chlormeter, photometric - Accessories
4.0110.00Colorimeter for Total, Free and Combined Chlorine, Cyanuric Acid and pH.
4.0110.02Reagents for Free Chlorine DPD, 50 tests
4.0110.05Reagents for Total Chlorine DPD, 50 tests
4.0110.08Reagents for Cyanuric Acid, 50 tests
4.0110.11Reagent pH, 50 tests