Portable Conductimeter Model COND 7 and COND 70

Ergonomic model. Supplied in case with electrode and solutions. Equipped with rubber protective cover and a large LCD display showing all data simultaneously.

COND – TDS –Temperature for the model COND 7 and GLP - Data Logger -USB additional for the model COND 70.

5 years warranty

SpecificationsCOND 7COND 70
Range COND 0.0…199.9 mS 0.00…199.9 mS
Resolution 0.1/1µS 0.0/0.1mS 0.01/0.1/1µS 0.01/0.1mS
Calibration points 1…4 1…4
Recognized standards 84µS–1413µS–12.88mS–111.9mS 1 user-defined value 84µS–1413µS–12.88mS–111.9mS 1 user-defined value
Selectable cell constant 0.1 – 1 – 10 cm-1 0.1 – 1 – 10 cm-1
Reference temperature 15…30ºC 15…30ºC
GLP function - YES
Timer calibration - YES
Indication standard used YES YES
TDS range - 0…100g/l
Resolution - 1% f.e.
TDS factor - 0.4…1.0
Temperature, range 0…100.0ºC -10…110ºC
Resolution/Accuracy 0.1ºC / ±0.5ºC 0.1ºC / ±0.5ºC
Compensation of temperature Automatic/Manual 0...80ºC Automatic/Manual 0...100ºC
GLP System - YES
Memory - Man/Auto 500 with date and hour
Auto Shutdown After 20 minutes After 20 minutes
Display LCD LCD back-light
Input BNC and jack fono (CAT) BNC,jack phono(CAT) and USB
Power 3 batterys 1.5V AAA 3 batterys 1.5VAAA Power packAC/DC cable USB
Autonomy > 200 hours > 200 hours
Protection IP Anti moisture IP 57 Anti moisture IP 57
Size/weight 86x196x33mm/295g 86x196x33mm/300g
Size/weight total 385x300x115mm/1720g 385x300x115mm/1725g
Description - Accesories
4.0104.00COND 07 - Conductimeter, portable, suitcase, cover rubber,solutions and cell /CAT
4.0104.01COND 07 - Conductimeter, portable, suitcase, cover rubber,solutions without cell /CAT
4.0130.00COND 70 - Conductimeter, portable, suitcase, cover rubber, solutions and cell /CAT
4.0130.04COND 70 - Conductimeter, portable, suitcase, cover rubber, solutions without cell /CAT
4.0104.02Cell of conductivity(5µS…100mS) plastic, 0...80ºC, with CAT 1m cable
4.0104.04Cell (0.1uS...500µS) with CAT NTC30, epoxi/, 1m cable.
4.0101.04Main Power-pack 230V

Conductimeters 902

♦  Double use: portable and  bench t
♦  Protective covering for the screen to bend acts as a support for      desktop use
♦  Special for measures in pure waters and in pharmaceutica Industry
♦  Integrated sensor holder
♦  Connector for electrodes Memosens  with temperature sensor
♦  Screen of segments
♦  IP66

Conductivity: 0.01µS/cm to 1000mS/cm. Salinity: 0.0 to 45.0g/kg(0 to 30ºC). TDS: 0 to 1999mg/l(10 to 40ºC)
Temperature: -20 to 120ºC
Compensation automatic of temperature
Coeficient of  temperature TC: linear 0.01 to 9.99%/ºC, for ultrapure water and natural water according EN 237888
Temperature of reference TR: 25ºC
Calibration points with automatic recognition: 2 (1413, 12.800µS/cm), constant input or any value
Cell: 2 and 4 poles
Operation: 3 batteries AAA. Duration: >1000 hours
Size / Weight: 157x85x42mm /255g

Description - Accessories
4.0200.23902 - Conductimeter,suitcase, solutions, cell CAT 4 poles
4.0200.24902 - Conductimeter,suitcase, solutions, without cell
4.0200.27Cell 4 poles graphite K=0.5(1uS...500mS) 5...80ºC CATNTC30, body of plastic and 1m cable
4.0200.28Cell 2 poles K=0.1(0.01uS…200mS)-5…100ºC wiht CAT NTC30, of , 1m cable
4.0200.29Cell KNICK K=0.5(1uS…500mS)-5…80ºc wiht CAT NTC30, of ST.ST. , 1m cable
4.0200.30Glass chamber for cells
4.0200.14Articulate support for 4 sensors and CAT

Conductimeter COND 51+

Laboratory instrument with microprocessor ASIC
Custom configuration with selectable cell constant, coefficient of temperature.
Automatic and manual calibration with automatic knowledge of 4 standards
Automatic scaling in avoiding errors.
Adjustable parameters
Large backlit LCD display shows readings, scale units measurement. 
Cell with integrated temperature sensor designed to prevent  the formation
bubble, built in materials of high resistance to chemicals

Range: 0…200.0 - 2000 µS/ 2.00…20.00 - 200.0mS.
Resolution: 0.1-1µS/ 0.01-0.1mS
Precision: ± 1% deep scale
Automatic calibration with automatic knowledge of 4 standards: 4 points and 1 to choice by user
Standards: 84, 1.413 µS and 12.88, 111mS to 25ºC.
Cell constant: 0.1–1.0–10.0 selectable
Temperature range: 0.0…50.0ºC.
Resolution: 0.1ºC
Compensation of temperature: automatic and manual. Reference temperature: 15...30ºC
Temperature Coefficient : 0.00…9.99% by ºC adjustable
Screen: LCD back-light. Inputs: cell, BNC - CAT, jack
Power: power pack AC/ DC…230V.
Size /Weight: 160x185x70mm /550gr

Description - Accessories
4.0106.00COND 51 - Conductimeter, support,solutions and cell with CAT probe
4.0106.02COND 51 - Conductimeter, support,solutions, without cell
4.0104.02Cell of conductivity(5µS…100mS) plastic, 0...80ºC, with CAT 1m cable
4.0130.01Cell 2 poles K=1(10µS…150mS) 0…80ºC, CAT NTC 30, glass/Pt, 1m cable
4.0200.14Articulate support for 4 sensors and CAT

Conductivity Standards Solutions

Hamilton solutions provided of ENAC Certificate

Conductivity Standards
4.0100.13Standard 1.3 μS/cm/25%C, 1x300 ml . Trazeability DKD
4.0100.14Standard 5 μS/cm/25%C, 1x300 ml . Trazeability DKD
4.0100.15Standard 15 μS/cm/25%C, 1x300 ml . Trazeability NIST
4.0100.16Standard 84 μS/cm/25%C, 1x500 ml . Trazeability NIST
4.0100.22Standard 100 μS/cm/25%C, 1x300 ml . Traceability NIST
4.0100.11Standard 147 μS/cm/25%C, 1x500 ml . Traceability NIST
4.0100.04Standard 1413 μS/cm/25%C, 1x500 ml . Trazeability DKD
4.0100.07Standard 12.880 mS/cm/25%C, 500 ml . Trazeability NIST
4.0100.21Standard 100 mS/cm/25%C, 1x300 ml . Traceability NIST