Dose Pumps

Dose Pumps Model DECO

Low flow dose pump, very appropriate to dose many chemicals
because the plastic materials involved

Characterized by the short stroke that assures a smaller wear
Don't need maintenance
They are not damaged if work without liquid
Variable flow

Main features

ABS Box.Brass  piston. Double sphere valve
Laterally adaptable. MOPLEN+FV valves. MOPLEN+FV pump head
Polycarbonate cover for panel control
PTFE diaphragm of great thickness
Separation of electronic and hydraulics
Stainless steel front cover

Versions with PVC,  PVDF or  ST.ST.pump heads and valves, or special valves for viscous fluids.

CodeFlow maximPressure maximStrokecc x stroke
1.9509.01 2L / hour 8 Kg/cm2 0.6 m/m 0.3
1.9509.02 5L / hour 5 Kg/cm2 1 m/m 0.9
1.9509.03 8L / hour 2 Kg/cm2 1.7 m/m 1.32
1.9509.01Diaphragm pump 2L/h, flow controller
1.9509.02Diaphragm pump 5L/h, flow controller
1.9509.03Diaphragm pump 8L/h, flow controller