Magnetic Stirrers

  • Magnetic stirrers of robust conception with electronic regulation of speed from very slow up to 1.800 rpm
  • Axis with double magnet of neodiminium or samarium with great force
  • Stainless steel topplates for stirrers and aluminium alloy topplate with cast-in heating element for hotplates
  • Thermostat controlled topplate temperature, maxim 325ºC
  • Stainless steel housings
  • Illuminate "on-off" switch and pilot lamps
  • Integral lattice rod support
  • Model D-72D and D-12D provided with Pt100 external temperature probe and temperature controller PID with set point and digital display
  • Available Pt100 external temperature probe gel/glass acid resisting for D-12D and D-72D
  • Temperature control by electronic modulation of power for the model D-72 and D-12

Specifications - 230V 50/60Hz

ModelHeatingSurface mmSize mmTemperature
Weight KgPower W
D71 NO 180x185 90 high --- --- --- 1800rpm 3 20
D11 NO 215x210 100 high --- --- --- 1800rpm 3.5 20
D72 YES 140  Ø 180x240x130 Electronic ±2 325ºC 1800rpm 3.4 450
D72D YES 140  Ø 180x240x130 Digital ±0,1 325ºC 1800rpm 3.6 450
D72D YES 140  Ø 180x240x130 Digital ±0,1 99,9ºC 1800rpm 3.6 450
D12 YES 199  Ø 215x270x150 Electronic ±2 325ºC 1800rpm 4 625
D12D YES 199 Ø 210x270x150 Digital ±0,1 325ºC 1800rpm 4.5 625
D66AM YES   204x285x130 Digital ±0,1 50ºC 3300rpm 4.8 200
Magnetic stirrers
1.8025.00D-71 - Magnetic stirrer, stainless steel plate 143x194 mm. Speed control
1.8031.00D-11 - Magnetic stirrer stainless steel plate 224 x 262 mm. Speed control
1.8026.00D-72 - Magnetic stirrer, hot plate 140 mm diam.Speed and temperature control
1.8029.00D-72D - Magnetic stirrer, hot plate 140 mm diam. Digital temperature control 325ºC. Temp. probe/support
1.8030.00D-72D - Magnetic stirrer, hot plate 140 mm diam. Digital temperature control 99.9ºC. Temp. probe acid resist/support
1.8032.00D-12 - Magnetic stirrer, hot plate 199 mm. diam.Speed and temperature control
1.8034.00D-12D - Magnetic stirrer, hot plate 199 mm. diam. Digital temperature control. Temp. probe/support
1.8093.00D-66AM - Magnetic stirrer of metallic block for 4 places 40mm diameter
1.8093.15Aluminium adapters for containers of diameter below 40mm, to indicate diameter (to use with D-66AM)
1.8049.00Magnetic bar 2x7 mm
1.8050.00Magnetic bar 5x12 mm
1.8053.00Magnetic bar 8x20 mm
1.8055.00Magnetic bar 8x30 mm
1.8057.00Magnetic bar 8x40 mm
1.8058.00Magnetic bar 8x50 mm
1.9808.19Magnetic bar Samarium 12x28 mm
1.8110.00Probe Pt 100, temperature, stainless steel, spare for D-12D and D-72D
1.8110.01Probe Pt 100, temperature, stainless steel, gel/glass coated, for D12D and D-72D
1.8041.00Double clamp, for temperature probe and thermometer
1.8040.00Support rod
1.9631.01Beaker 5L, 20 cm. diam. 17 cm. high