Stereomicroscope, Binocular. Model EMB

Binocular head rotating through 360º and inclined 45º, fited with two eyepiece tubes each
provided with an EWF10x eyepiece and diopter compensation adjustment ±5º
Interpupillary distance adjustable between 54 and 77 mm
Metallic stand with a pair of knows located on both sides for focusing by means of rack and pinion
Objetives 2x and 4x fitted en compact turret rotating with click locking at the objetives positions
Magnification 20X and 40X. Continuous zoom

With eyepice code  8.0019.03 y objetive 1.5X, code 8.0019.04, 90X(option)
Great size base with a pair of specimens clamps
Adjustable illuminator for incident light and transmitted light by two 12V/15W halogen bulb with
lamp selector

Description - Accessories
8.0019.00EMB - Stereomicroscope binocular head rotating through 360º and inclined 45º,
8.0019.03Eyepiece WF-15X (13mm)
8.0019.04Objective 1.5X

Microscopes, digital portable

MICROSCOPE,  digital,  portable to connect directly to a monitor via a VGA connector or to PC by USB port

It offers a high frame rate of up to 60 images per second with a resolution of 800x600 and great visibility in low light. You can see clearly with any resolution.

Built-in adjustable polarizer reduces glare and reflection in bright objects. Along with the long working distance of up to 15 cm, the DINKO microscope is the ideal choice in situations where real-time images are vital, such as working on PCB´s or other miniature objects.

The lighting by LEDS can be turned on and off.

 Its portability means the possibility of examining large objects.

The high speed of image capture makes it useful in viewing moving images.

The option of USB connection for PC allows computer processing of captured images that involves saving and changing the contrast, brightness and colour of these images


♦ Resolution: 800x600 pixels  ♦  Magnification: 10x to 90x ,   continuous

♦ Interface VGA for direct connection to LED HD screen.Model with USB connector for PC.

♦ White light LED lighting crown   ♦ Switchable ON / OFF of the  LED lighting crown (8 LEDs)

 ♦ Video frame rate up to 60fps   ♦ Filter / Diffuser, through built- in polarizer

Different supports available depending on the use.

D1 support:
Metal base 100x75mm with aluminium  bar for 20cm of vertical working distance, ball joint mechanism  mounted on a dovetail sliding guide for additional focus and clamp.

 D2 support:
 Round base flexo with clamp

D3 support
Slide for flat surfaces with 2 adapters 





Description, accessories
1.0019.00Microscope, digital portable VGA
1.0019.01Microscope, digital portable USB
1.9810.03Support model D1
1.0019.03Support model D2
1.0019.04Support model D3