Oxymeter, DO portable Analyzer. Model 3100

Optical Sensor - No membrane- No Constant Calibration-Data Logging
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Instrument designed for the measurement of dissolved Oxygen in aqueous solutions by a
optical sensor
Fluorescence sensor technology
Sensor does not have to remain moist
No membranes, fill solutions, or cartridges
Data logging and the ability to download the data directly to a computer are standards features
RS232 serial port
Memory of safety
Calibration is factory programmed
Large, backlit graphical display
Rechargeable batteries and charger, 12 hours of autonomy
Automatic turn out
Real time clock User friendly

Range: 0 ...25 mg/L O2
Accuracy: 1% of reading or ±0.02mg/L O2, whichever is greater
Sensitivity/Resolution: 0.01mg/L below of 4.00mg/L; 0.1mg/L  above of 4.0mg/L O2
Stability: 0.01mg/L O2
Repeatability: 0.01% O2
Response time: 95% in less than 60 seconds
Sensor cable length: 6.6m/Sensor drift: less than 0.01mg/L O2 per year
Sensor check: automatic self diagnostic
Output: RS-232 serial
Memory backup: yes
Temperature range: 0...60 ºC
Room temperature: minus 20ºC to 70ºC
Ambient humidity: 0...100%
Enclosure rating: NEMA 4X
Wetted materials: epoxy, polyurethane and PVC
Display: LCD graphic display with UV protection, contrast adjustment by keypad
Maximum pressure: 100psi (7 bar)
Size: 110x260x67mm / Weight: 1.8Kg.

12.0202.003100 - Oxymeter, portable with optic probe and download software, rechargeable battery and charger