pH-meter portable. Model pH7 and pH70

Ergonomic model supplied in suitcase with ph electrode and solutions
Provided with shockproof rubber and a large LCD display indicating all data simultaneously
pH–mV /Redox /Temperature for pH7 and additional GLP
Data Logger USB  for pH70

5 years of warranty

SpecificationsModel PC7Model PC70
Range pH 0.00…14.00pH -2…16.00pH
Resolution 0.1/0.01pH 0.1/0.01pH
Calibration points 1, 2 or 3 1, 2 or 3
Reconigzed bufferes USA: 1.68-4.01-7.00-10.01 NIST:1.68 4.01-6.86-9.18pH USA: 1.68-4.01-7.00-10.01 NIST:1.68 4.01-6.86-9.18pH
Slope and asymmetry potential indication YES YES with date and hour
Stable measurement indication YES YES
Calibration timer - YES
Calibration buffer indication YES YES
Range mV ± 1.000mv ± 1.999mv
Resolution 1mV 0.1mV(±200mV)/1mV
Temperature 0…100.0ºC -10…110ºC
Resolution/Accuracy 0.1ºC/±0.5ºC 0.1ºC /±0.5ºC
Temperature compensation Automatic /manual 0…100ºC Automatic /manual 0…100ºC
Memory - Man/Auto 500 date with day and hour
Auto-shutdown After 20 minutes After 20 minutes
Display LCD LCD back-light
Input BNC and jack phono(CAT) BNC, jack phono (CAT) and USB
Power 3 batterys 1.5V AAA 3 batterys 1.5V AAA Power AC/DC, USB
Autonomy >500 hours >500 hours
IP protection IP 57 IP 57
Size/Instrument weight 86x196x33mm/295g 86x196x33mm/300g
Size/Instrument and suitcase weight 385x300x115mm/1720g 385x300x115mm/1725g
Description - Accessories
4.0100.00pH7 - pH-meter portable, suitcase, rubber cover,buffers, electrode/CAT cable BNC
4.0100.01pH7 - pH-meter portable, suitcase, rubber cover, buffers, without electrode/CAT, with cable BNC
4.0131.00pH70 - pH-meter portable, suitcase, rubber cover, buffers, electrode/CAT cable BNC
4.0200.00pH70 - pH-meter portable, suitcase, rubber cover, buffers, without electrode/CAT, with cable BNC
4.0100.30Electrode, epoxi body, 1m cable

pH-meter Knick Model 902

♦ Double use: portable and bench-top
♦ Protective covering for the screen to bend acts as a support for      desktop use
♦ Timer for calibration time, 1 to 99 days
♦ Real time clock
♦ Connector for Memosens electrodes with temperature sensor
♦ Screen in color with icons TFT high resolution
♦ IP66

Range -2.00 to 16.00 pH, ± 1999mV, -20.0 to 120.0 ºC
Auto-calibration (USA, DIN  and NIST) and with a standard anyone
Automatic temperature compensation Pt1000/NTCὨ30K or manual
Power: 4 batteries  AA + ion lithium
Size/ Weight: 132 x 156 x 30mm./500g

Description - Accessories
4.0200.03902 - pH-meter portable, dissolutions, electrode with CAT NTC30 Polyplast with fixed cable
4.0200.04911 - pH-meter portable,dissolutions, without electrode
4.0200.11Electrode, pH, Memosens, 0 to 14pH, 0 to 80ºC, plastic body without cable
4.0200.12Electrode of pH Memosens, 0 to 14pH, 0 to 100ºC, glass body, without cable
4.0200.14Articulate support for 4 sensors and CAT

pH-meter bench-top model pH50+

♦ Microprocessor control
♦ On-screen status icon
♦ Screen LCD backlight with indication of pH or redox and ºC
♦ Support articulate
♦ Size: 160x185x70mm
♦ Weight: 550g


Range 0.00 to 14.00pH, ±1000mV, 0.0 to 100.0ºC NTC30K
Resolution:0.01pH, /1mV / 0,1ºC/±0.5ºC
Points of calibration:3 points with auto-recognition
2 calibrations point to define by user
Standards recocognized:USA4.01 /7.00 /10.01 and NIST 4.01 / 6.86 / 9.18 and two to select
Indication of Slope and Offset
Automatic temperature compensation or manual.
Inputs: BNC and RCA / CINCH (CAT) and REF.
Power 5V DC, by power pack 220V AC, 50/60 Hz.

Description - Accessories
4.0102.00pH50 - pH-meter with support, dissolutions, pH electrode with temperature compensation and cable
4.0102.01pH50 - pH-meter like above without electrode with cable
4.0100.30Electrode, epoxi body, 1m cable

pH electrodes

Images of the most usual electrodes

Chart of pH electrodes

For portables
  4.0101.05 Electrode,plastic Polyplast-HAMILTON, 0…14pH, 0…60 ºC, electrolyte gel, head threads S7
4.0101.06 Electrode,plastic Polyplast-HAMILTON,0…14pH,0…60 ºC,electrolyte gel,1m fixed cable with BNC connector
For portables with temperature sensor
  4.0100.30 Electrode,plastic,for portables 6 y 110.pH 0…13 pH,0…80 ºC,electrolyte gel,1m fixed cable with BNC connector
Of general use, with head threads S7, without cable
  4.0101.09 Electrode,pH LIQ-GLASS, L=300mm, 0-14pH, 0…80 ºC glass body, electrolyte liquid
4.0101.10 Electrode, pH LIQ-GLASS, 0-14pH, 0…60 ºC, glass body, electrolyte liquid
4.0101.11 Electrode,pH POLILYTE LAB,0-14pH,0…80 ºC,glass body,electrolyte polymer.Without filler of electrolyte.“Single pore” system
For foods, with thread head S7, without cable
  4.0101.12 Electrode,pH DOUBLE PORE,penetration Ø6mm,L=25mm,0…14 pH,0…60ºC,glass body and electrolyte polymer
4.0101.13 Electrode, pH FOODTRODE, 2…14pH, -10…80 ºC, glass body, electrolyte liquid Protelyte
Electrodes for critical measures, with thread head S7, without cable
  4.0101.16 Electrode, pH FLUSHTRODE,difficult measures , pH0…14 pH, 10…50ºC,glass body with electrolyte liquid
4.0101.17 Electrode,pH FLUSHTRODE,difficult measures and proteins,pH 2…14pH,10…50 ºC,glass body with electrolyte liquid
4.0101.20 Electrode, pH SINGLE PORE GLAST, 0...14pH, 0…80 ºC,glass body with electrolyte liquid
Special electrodes with thread head S7, without cable
  4.0101.21 Electrode, pH SINGLE PORE FLAT, for surfaces ,0…14pH, 0…80ºC, epoxy body with electrolyte liquid
4.0101.22 Electrode, pH SLIMTRODE, micro Ø 6mm and 100mm, 0…14pH, 0…80 ºC,glass body with electrolyte liquid
4.0101.23 Electrode, pH MINITRODE, micro Ø3mm and 60mm, 0…14pH, 0…80 ºC,glass body with electrolyte liquid
4.0101.24 Electrode, pH BIOTRODE,micro Ø3mm and 60mm,measures with proteins 2…11pH,0…60 ºC,glass body with electrolyte Protelyte
4.0101.25 Electrode,pH SPINTRODE,micro Ø3mm and 180mm,for NMR tubes,2…14 pH,0…80ºC, glass body with electrolyte liquid
Metallic electrodes with thread head S7, without cable
  4.0101.26 Electrode,double redox Pt,LIQ-GLASS ORP, -5…100ºC
4.0101.27 Electrode,double redox Pt,for portables, POLYPLAST RX, epoxy body, 0…60ºC, 6bar
4.0101.28 Electrode,double of Silver,LIQ-GLASS AG, -5…100ºC, KNO3 1M electrolyte
Reference electrode
  4.0101.29 Electrode Ag/AgCl,double bridge,with fixed cable and connector with 2 sticks Ø2.5mm
Cables for electrodes
4.0101.30Cable AS7/ 1M / BCN, for pHmeters with BNC connector
4.0101.31Cable AS7 / 1M /stik 4 mm for reference electrodes
Buffers, pH, with certificate and trazeability
4.0101.324.01 ± 0.01 pH / 25 ºC, 1x500 ml
4.0101.367.00 ± 0.01 pH / 25 ºC, 1x500 ml
4.0101.4010.00 ± 0.01 pH / 25 ºC, 1x500 ml
4.0101.434.01 ± 0.01 pH / 25 ºC, 1x70 ml
4.0101.457.00 ± 0.01 pH / 25 ºC, 1x70 ml
4.0101.4610.00 ± 0.01 pH / 25 ºC, 1x70 ml
Redox standards dissolutions
4.0101.48Standard redox 475 mV, 1x500 ml HAMILTON
4.0101.49Standard redox 271 mV, 1x500 ml HAMILTON
4.0101.52Standard redox 475 mV, 1x70 ml
Electrolytes, to fill electrodes
4.0101.53KCl 3M, 1x250 ml
4.0101.54KCl 3M, 1x500 ml HAMILTON
4.0101.55KCl 0.1M, 1x250 ml
4.0101.57Protelyte for electrodes Foodtrode and Flushtrode P, 1x100 ml HAMILTON
4.0101.58KNO3 1 M, for Silver electrodes 1x250 ml
4.0101.59LiCl 1M for anhydrous measures,1x250 ml
Dissolutions for electrode maintenance
4.0101.60Maintenace/conservation of electrodes , 1x500 ml HAMILTON
4.0101.61Clean-proteins (Pepsine-HCl) 1x250 ml
4.0101.62Clean - diaphragms (Thiourea+HCl) 1x250 ml
4.0101.63Regeneration of membranes 1x250 ml