Photometer Model D - 100

Precision and accuracy when compared with other expensive  apparatus

Wavelength range 415 to 670 nm. by filters. It has wide application teaching, environmental, and
industrial laboratory

Based on the photometer methods incorporated to their  microprocessor, it makes possible the
realisation of up 55 analytical test. Direct readings in ppm are obtained using the DINKO kits for water test
See Chapter Kits for Water Test

The keyboard provide a good spill protection and functions control

The function Factor allows the introduction of independent corrective factors for the recalibration
of each one parameter

Automatic zero adjustment.Cuvette holder for 16 mm. diameter round cuvettes and 10 mm. path light square cuvettes

Specificatons: Model D-100, code 1.9301.00
                        Portable model code 1.9302.00

Photometric Accuracy 2% to 1A Linearity 1%
Display LCD high contrast Range ABS 0.000-2.500Abs
Wavelenght Range 415nm–670nm Concentration 0-1999ppm
Size 220x150x70mm Response 2 seconds
Weight 0.5Kg Operation 230V 50/60Hz
Factor 0.1-1.99    

Photometer Model D-101

A digital photometer reading in transmittance, absorbance, and concentration
This instrument exhibit extreme precision and accuracy when compared with other expensive apparatus
The instrument has wide application teaching ,environmental, clinical and laboratory operations

Wavelength selection is by 8 filters 420, 440, 490, 550, 520, 580,620 and  680 nm., with spectral slit width
of 25 nm., wavelength peak of ± 5 nm.

Test can be made with round cuvettes to 16 mm. diameter and 10 mm. path length square cuvettes
A sample compartment lid assure minimum outside contamination for optics and electronics
With 4 filters and cuvettes. DINKO kits for water test come with calibration tables for D-101
See Chapter Kits for water test

Specifications: Photometer Model D-101, code 1.9333.00

Photometric Accuracy 3% at 1A Repeatability ±0.5%T
Display LCD high contrast Range ABS/T 0.000-2.000Abs 0–100%T
Wavelenght Range 420nm–680nm Concentration 0-1999ppm C,10xC and 100xC
Auto-cero Automatic Stability Drifting 0.003 A/h after 1/2 h.of warm up at 0 A
Size 250x260x95mm Response 3 seconds
Weight 1.8 Kg Operation 230V 50/60Hz
Description - Accessories
1.9301.00D-100 - Photometer 415-670nm. Autozero ABS / PPM. Memory: 60 methodes. With 4 cuvettes and 1 filter
1.9302.00D-100P - Photometer, portable 415-670nm. Autozero ABS / PPM. Memory: 60 methodes, Battery, suitcase and 1 filter and 4 cuvettes
1.9333.00D-101 - Photometer 420 - 680nm. T/ABS/PPM. Autozero. With cuvettes and four filters
1.9310.00Filter 420nm. for D-101
1.9311.00Filter 440nm. for D-101
1.9312.00Filter 490nm. for D-101
1.9313.00Filter 520nm. for D-101
1.9314.00Filter 550nm. for D-101
1.9315.00Filter 580nm. for D-101
1.9316.00Filter 620nm. for D-101
1.9317.00Filter 680nm. for D-101
1.9365.00Round cuvette optically selected 16mm Ø. Pk. (4pcs)
1.9363.00Plastic cuvette macro 10 mm path light w/cap. Pk.(100)

Photometer - Photoanalyzer Model D-105

Quick determination of most of the tests required in the analysis of waters, foods and industry
Memory of up to 200 analytic methods
Direct readings in ppm using the DINKO kits
User can accede to the memory to enter their own methods or to kits of another origin.
Readings in absorbance, transmittance and concentration
It accepts squared cuvettes of 10 mm. and round of 16 mm. of diameter and it admits interchangeable filters of high resolution with spectral slit width of 10 nm. and peak accuracy of ±1 nm.
In the sample compartment are located the cuvette holder and the lodging for the filters, protected of the external contamination for a sliding cover.
Function Kinetis with selection number of readings,maximum 100, and interval times from 5 to 3600 seconds.

Reagents come in tablets for precise dose. See KITS for water analysis section
The quality control procedures ensure that the DINKO reagents tablets provide a photometric performances every time
The reagents are examined against standards solutions to give the correct results using the Dinko Photometers







Range WL

415 – 670 nm


Si Photodiode

Meassuring modes



LCD high contrast backlight

Ancho de banda


Light source

Tungsten W

Optical system

Single beam

Data input

Membrane keyboard

Stability, drifting

±0,003 ABS./1/2h to 0 A

Sample compartment

 Round cuvettes 16 mm Ø

Square cuvettes 10 mm

 Adjustment WL

Interferential filters


Total readings and interval times




RS232 (printer) RS485(PC)

Photometric linearity



100…230V  50/60Hz 18 W

Photometric range

 -0,30 a 3,5A;0 to 200,0%T

0-9.999 C


225 x 230 x 90 mm


± 0,5%T


1,8 kg

Description - Accessories
1.9336.00D-105 - Photoanalyzer. Range 415-700nm. T/ABS/PPM. Autozero. Programm. With 1 filter and 4 cuvettes
1.9341.00Filter 415nm. for D-100 and D-105
1.9343.00Filter 450nm. for D-100 and D-105
1.9345.00Filter 490nm. for D-100 and D-105
1.9349.00Filter 520nm. for D-100 and D-105
1.9355.00Filter 577nm. for D-100 and D-105
1.9356.00Filter 630nm. for D-100 and D-105
1.9357.00Filter 670nm. for D-100 and D-105
1.9363.00Plastic cuvette macro 10 mm path light w/cap. Pk.(100)
1.9365.00Round cuvette optically selected 16mm Ø. Pk. (4pcs)

McFarland Photometer

The Photometer or Colorimeter McFarland is included in the Section Turbidimeters