Pneumatic Pumps

Pneumatic Pumps Boxer

Pneumatic pumps of double diaphragm impelled by means of compressed air

Specially appropriate for to rack of aggressive substances

Manufactured of resistant materials as PP, PVDF, Aluminium and stainless steel AISI 316

Three standards pumps are manufactured with different flows

The standard versions indicated in information are manufactured in PP (Polypropylene)

To consult prices for others materials  or bigger flows
The compressor is not included

8.0049.00 Micro 2 m 30 L / m 6,5 bar
8.0049.01 Mini 2 m 50 L / m 7 bar
8.0049.02 80 2 m 90 L / m 7 bar
8.0049.00Pneumatic pump double diaphragm, flow 30L/min. Commpressor not included
8.0049.01Pneumatic pump double diaphragm, flow 50L/min. Commpressor not included
8.0049.02Pneumatic pump double diaphragm, flow 90L/min. Commpressor not included