Sand Baths

Temperatures to 400ºC.

Stainless steel chamber  can be removed with its own base for
spill cleaning

Stainless steel shield and ventilate housing assure safe internal electronic energy regulator

Switch “on – off”

Heat control know

Pilot lamp indicate heat and operation

Top plates are made steel with embedded heating elements of long-life and high power

Temperature control can be by thermostat or PID digital temperature control with Pt100 temperature probe. This probe can be inside or external with 1 meter cord, rod and
clamp that permits to regulate in hot materials and assure safe electronic temperature control

1.8079.00Sand Bath, 20cm. diameter x 6cm. height.Temperature control, 400ºC
1.8079.10Sand Bath, 20cm. diam x 6 cm. height. Digital temperature control, external probe, 300ºC