Suspended Solids, meters

Suspended Solids, Portable Analyzer, “SS”. Model

Optimized for MLSS & RAS – Data Logging- Download Data to Spreadsheet
Instrument designed for the measurement of suspended solids in aqueous solutions by a optical sensor
Data logging and the ability to download the data directely to a computer are standards features
RS232 serial port
Independent calibration for MLSS & RAS
Large, backlit graphical display
Rechargeable batteries and charger, 12 hours of autonomy. Automatic turn out
Real time clock
Eliminates need for daily lab analysis
User friendly
Real time SS concentrations for process control
Analyzer can also be used to measure sludge blankets in clarifiers
Memory of safety

Range: 0...1500mg/L suspended solids
Range: 0…30000mg/L suspended solids
Temperature range: 0 … 65ºC
Accuracy: 3% of reading or ±20 mg/L, whichever is greater
Sensitivity/Resolution: 1mg/L below 1000mg/L; 10mg/L  between 1000 and 9999mg/L; 100mg/L above 10.000mg/L
Repeatability: ±0.5%
Sensor check: automatic self diagnostics
Sensor drift: less than 1% per year
Memory backup: yes
Display: LCD graphic display with UV protection, contrast adjustement via keypad
Sensor cable lenght: 6.6m
Ambient temperature: -40…+55ºC
Ambient humidity: 0…100%
Enclosure rating: NEMA 4X
Wetted materials: epoxy and polyurethane
Maximun pressure: 100psi ( 7 bar aprox.)
Size: 110x260x67 mm
Shipping weight: aprox. 1.8Kg.

12.0213.003150 - Suspended Solids Analizer Optic method 0-30,000 mg/L
12.0213.013150 - Suspended Solids Analizer Optic method 0-3000 mg/L