Infrared Thermometers

Portable Digital Infrared Thermometer with laser view to measure temperatue without contact
Range: -33...250ºC
Maximun and minimal reading temperature in time
Relationship distance object / size object: 6/1
Response:1 second
Hold function and lock
Fº readings selectable
Weight: 110g
Battery: 2xCR032 included

8.0024.14Portable digital infrared, laser, -33...+250ºC

Thermometers, digital


Rugged, economical and completely watertight. For temperature in air, gases,
liquids, and powdered soft materials
It finds application in the areas of food, crafts, industry, leisure and agriculture

Sensor: NTC
Response time: Approx. 15s in water
Range: -40 + 240 ° C
Functions: max, min, blocking
Probe: 75x3,5mm diameter
Resolution: 0.1°C, LCD screen. ±1.0 ° C(-25 to +150°C) ±1.5°C rest
Size: 150x20x16mm
Weight: 40g
Order code: 8.0024.05
With a certificate, order code: 8.0024.09


Portable Digital Thermometer
8.0024.05Portable digital, -40...+200ºC
8.0024.09Portable digital, -40...+200ºC with certificate

Thermometers, portables, Models 7 Pt100, 7 NTC and 7 K/T

Common features

♦ Maximum and minimum temperature mode, HOLD and self turn-off disconnectable
♦ LCD screen
♦ Standard mini thermocouple connector
♦ Stable indicator reading
♦ Permanent memory for dates
♦ External calibration in 1 point
♦ Diagnostic messages
♦ IP56 protection
♦ Operate battery (3 x AAA size) alkaline, durability more than 750 hours
♦ Low battery warning
♦ With suitcase and rubber cover to protect of humidity and blows
♦ CE mark
♦ Size and weight: 86x196x33mm/ 295g.
With suitcase: 260x135x75cm /580g


Modelo7 Pt 1007 NTC7 K/T
Sonda Pt 100 NTC 30K K-T
Escalas -200 a 999ºC -50 a 150ºC K: -200 a 1350ºC. T:-250 a 400ºC
Precisión 0,1ºC (-99,9 a 199,9ºC)1ºC (-200 a 999ºC) 0,01ºC (-99,99 a+99,99ºC)0,1ºC (-200 a 999,9ºC) K y T: 0,1ºC (-99,9 a 199,9ºC).K= 1ºC (-200 a 1350ºC). T= 1ºC (-250 a 400ºC)
Estabilidad de lectura Si, fija Si, fija Si, regulable
Condiciones de uso -20 a 65ºC, 10 a 90% humedad -20 a 65ºC, 10 a 90% humedad -20 a 65ºC, 10 a 90% humedad
Description - Thermometers 7
4.0101.657 Pt100 - Portable Themometer, suticase, rubber cover, without probe
4.0101.667 NTC -Themometer Portable, suitcase,rubber cover and immersion probe 4.0121.85
4.0101.677 NTC - Portable, suitcase, cover and penetration probe 4.0121.86
4.0121.707 K/T- Themometer, Portable, suitcase, rubbere cover, without probe
Description Temperature Probes for 7 Pt100
4.0101.69Pt100, immersion, st. st. sheath, 3x200 mm, -50 to 300ºC with 1.5 meters cable
4.0101.70Pt100, for contact, sheath , 3x200 mm, -50 to 400ºC with 1.5 meters cable
4.0101.71Pt100, penetration, st. st. sheath, 4x150mm, -50 to 400ºC with 1.5 m. cable
4.0101.72Pt100, room, st. st. sheath, 4x200 mm, -50 to 250ºC with 1.5 meters cable
4.0101.73Pt100, flexible, st. st. sheath , cable PTFE, 4x3000 mm, -100 to 350ºC
4.0101.74Pt100, inmersion, st. st. sheath , 6x500 mm, -50 to 400ºC with 1.5 meters cable
4.0101.75Pt100, immersion, st. st. sheath ,6x1000 mm, -50 to 400ºC with 1.5 meters cable
Temperature probes for 7 NTC themometer
4.0121.85NTC Immersion probe, st, st. 3x200mm, -50 to 150ºC, 1.5m cable
4.0121.86NTC penetration probe, 3x200mm, -50 to 150ºC, 1.5m cable
Probes for 7K thermometer, high temperatures
4.0121.72Immersion and room (K), st. st. 2x200 mm, -60...600 ºC with 1.5 m cable
4.0121.73Immersion (K), st. st. sheath 3x200 mm, -60...800 ºC with 1.5 m cable
4.0121.74Immersion (K), mineral oxide sheath 6x500 mm, -60...1100 ºC with 1.5 m cable
4.0121.75Immersion (K), mineral oxide shealth 6x1000 mm, -60...1100 ºC with 1.5 m cable
4.0121.76Contact (K), st. St. sheath 3x200 mm, -60...600 ºC with 1.5 m cable
4.0121.77Flexible (K), control of stoves 2x2000 mm, 60...400 ºC
Temperature probes T for food and pharmaceutical industry , rapid response
4.0121.79Penetrationn (T), st. st. sheath 4x150 mm, -50...350 ºC with 1.5 m cable
4.0121.80Immersion and room (T), sheath 3 x 200 mm, - 50...350 ºC, 1.5 meters cable
4.0121.83Flexible (T), control o stoves, 10 mm st. st. tip, 2.5x2000 mm, -60...300 ºC
4.0121.84Penetration (T) frozen products and solids (brace). L=85, 2meters cable. -60…50ºC