Trichinella - Digestion

Extractor for Analysis of Meals Model D-75 and D-75B

Device designed to reproduce the principle of the artificial digestion of meats using enzymes and
controlled pH with the purpose to analysis the not digested residuals

This device allows the realization of the official method for the extraction and identification of trichinella published in the Official Newspaper of the European Union August 11, 2015. Implementing Regulations(UE) 2015/1375 of the Commission on August 10, 2015.

It is presented in piece of furniture-stand containing several devices to control the digestion process
according to the selected method

Included devices:

Hot plate 140mm of Ø with regulation and digital indication of temperature PID by means of probe Pt100 with glass/gel protector cover to avoid corrosion and support, precision of ±0,5º C. Adjustable up to 99,9 ºC

Adjustable magnetic stirrer, maxim 1800r.p.m., and magnetic stirring bar of samarium of great power.

Automatic dispenser pump of reagent with container, provided  of conduits in Viton ®, dose reagent tip made in PTFE and selector /initiator for reagent dosage, 50 or 100 samples(only model D-75A)

Device for the digestion collection, constituted by:

2L draw container with sieve, graduate container/tube of previous collection of the sample with PTFE stopcocks and support integrated for the glass collection containers with front opening to facilitate their extraction

3L Glass container for the samples to digest

Cuvette 180x40 mm of final sample collection, with the bottom divided in squares to facilitate the exam by means of projectors

A reagent flask of 1L is included for pH, 5 doses of 10 grams of Pepsin and graduate cylinder


Overall size: 400 x 300 x 600 mm. (w x d x h)
Operation: 230V 50/60Hz. Amp. 2. Weight: 12 Kg

Optional accessories:
Stainless steel food tray for 50 samples, removable for cleaning rack
Recommended to separate the samples
Code 1.9808.50

Precision balance. Digital reading. Capacity 600g. 0,1 g accuracy. Tara. Autocalibration
Power: 2 x 1.5 V or 230V optional.
Code: 8.9812.02

Extractor Assembly for Analysis of Meals Model D-75C

For the digestion of meats  according  to the official  method previously mentioned. Model D-75C

It consists of an magnetic stirrer with speed and  temperature control,
precision of  ± 0.5ºC, display of temperature, Pt100 probe with support,
support -foot with bar, hoops and clamps, draw container, sieve, graduate
container of collection, glass  container of samples, cuvette 180x40mm for
final collection, 1 reagent flask, five dose of 10 grams of pepsin, graduate
cylinder and dispenser syringe

Code 1.9808.06

Description - Accessories
1.9808.00D-75A - Extractor for analysis of meats, complete
1.9807.00D-75B - Extractor for analysis of meats, complete with dispenser syringe
1.9806.00D-75C- Extractor for analysis of meats, complete
1.9808.16Cuvette metacrylate 180x40 mm
1.9808.14Draw container 2L, PTFE stopcock
1.9808.15Collection container, graduated tube 40 ml, PTFE stopcock
1.9812.02Balance, precision. Capacity 600g. Accuracy 0,1g
1.9808.50Tray, stainless steel for 50 samples
8.0019.00EMB - Stereomicroscope binocular head rotating through 360º and inclined 45º,
2.7040.01Formaldehyde, 1 L
1.9808.19Magnetic bar Samarium 12x28 mm
1.9808.47Pepsin NF 1:10000, 10x10g
1.9808.17Pepsin NF 1:10000, 50x10g
1.9808.31Pepsin NF 1:10000, 1 Kg
8.9816.00Meat electric hand blender
1.9808.40Reagent 1L, Hydrochloric Acid 25%
1.9808.13Sieve, Stainless Steel
1.9808.12Sample beaker, glass, 3L
1.9808.23Sample beaker, glass, 2L

Trichinoscope Model TriquiVisor Automat XY- HD

Trichinoscope TriquiVisor Automat XY- HD, it is a new instrument for a sequential, precise and quick exam of tissue animals specially conceived for the detetction of trichinas
This instrument is according of the Official Newspaper of European Union August 11, 2015. Implementing Regulations(UE) 2015/1375 of the Commission August 10, 2015 for the identification of trichinas.


Panoramic view finder of high resolution HD and contrast that allows to see a whole  grid of the collection cuvette shown with 40X magnification
Precise and quick focusing system with helical ring
White LED lighting crown with evenly distributed power equivalent to 100 watts
Filter diffuser with adjustable light polarizer wich prevents annoying reflections for viewing or loss of contrast
Scale continues selectable from 35X to 160X
Moving motorized horizontal and vertical viewing independently with type switches pushbutton start/stop
Selectors for independent horizontal and vertical displacements with three positions: right-anchor-left for horizontal and up-anchor-down to the vertical that guarantee systematic and sequential observation grids of the sample cuvette
Sample cuvette-holder board for stability, with grids
Protocol for centering the test image using 90X
It meets the essential safety requirements of the European Directive applicable (CE)

Size: TriquiVisor 46x40x28cm. Screen, LED: 24"
Weight 18Kg. Operation: 230V 50/60Hz.
Supplied with screen and acrylic cuvette of 180x40mm.
Code 1.9810.00
Version for PC with software to allow image process. Code 1.9810.30 (without PC or screen), with acrylic cuvette.
PC computer with 24" LED screen. Code 8.9749.00

1.9810.00Trichinoscope TriquiVisor Automat XY- HD
1.9810.30Trichinoscope TriquiVisor Automat XY - HD for PC
1.9810.23Screen LED-HD 24" for trichina
8.9749.00PC computer with 24´´ LED screen
1.9810.22Cuvette, acrylic 180x40mm for TriquiVisor