Kits for water analysis

Visual Kits


The DPD test is a method to measure the Free Chlorine,
Combined or Total Chlorine in a range of  0 to 2.0mg / l  Cl
The colour intensity is measured by means of a comparator with
the  scales  0.1–0.2–0.4–0.7–1.0–1.2–1.5 and 2.0ppm
provided of the real standard solutions in each position
It includes reagents for 110 tests



Scale 0-5-10-20-30-40-50-60-70 units, visual comparator slide
Reagents are not needed




1440 drops. 1 drop=10ppm CaCo3




IRON by comparator
Scale 0-0.2-0.4-0.6-0.8-1.0-1.5 and 2.0ppm Fe
Reagents for 44 tests



Ask for replacement reagents of Hardness and Iron Tests

Description - Accessories
8.0012.00Chlormeter, Chlorine DPD, free/combined/total. Range 0-2.0 ppm Cl, with reagents for 110 tests
8.0012.01Reagent DPD 1, replacemen for Free Chlorine
8.0012.02Reagent DPD 2, replacement for free Chlorine
8.0012.03Reagent DPD 3, replacement for Combined and Total Chlorine
8.0012.07Colour APHA, Co/Pt, Hazen. Visual comparator. Reagents are not needed
8.0012.08Total hardness, Calcium and Magnesium, drop test, 1440 drops. 1 drop =10 ppm Ca CO3
8.0012.34Iron. Scale 0-0.2-0.4-0.6-0.8-1.0-1.5 and 2.0ppm. 44 tests


Impregnated papers for semi –quantitative determination of ions

8.0012.41Ammonia, strips. Scale 0-0.25-0.50-1.0-3.0-6.0ppm, 25 strips
8.0012.09Chlorine, strips. Scales 10-50-100-200ppm, 200 strips
8.0012.23Hardness strips: 0-1000ppm/Alkalinity,T: 0-240ppm/ pH:6,2-8,4/ Bromine T:0-20ppm, 50 strips
8.0012.21Nitrat/Nitrit 0… 50 ppm NO3 and 0 a 3 ppm NO2 , 25 strips
8.0012.15Peroxide, strips. Scale 0-90ppm, 25 strips
8.0012.22Salinity, strips 2000,3000,4000,4500,5000,6000ppm NaCl, 10 strips

Photometric Kits

Dinko Photometers provides a quick and simple method of analysis. The reagents of the kits come with tablet form for maximum convenience, simplicity use and repetitive dose
The test is simply carried out by adding tablets to a sample of  water
The kits included a calibration chart for the Photometer D-101
The Photometers D-100 and D-105 avoids the use of charts, because it has them memorised
The kits are manufactured in 50 or 250 test size. The  kits of 25 test-tubes, it  incorporate all the necessary reagents in each  tube  of 16mm. diameter. Only is necessary to add the sample. It  is  the case of  Ammonia Nessler, COD, Nitrate, Total Nitrogen and  Total Phosphorus
The  incubation of COD tubes is led to end up with the Heater Dinko D-65 or D-64D

Description - Accessories
1.9410.00Cyanuric Acid 0-200ppm, 520nm, 50 tests
1.9465.00Cyanuric Acid 0-200ppm, 520nm, 250 tests
1.9404.00Alkalinity 0-500ppm, 577nm, 50 tests
1.9467.00Alkalinity M, 0-500ppm, 577nm, 250 tests
1.9405.00Alkalinity P, 0-500ppm, 520nm, 50 tests
1.9468.00Alcalinity P, 0-500ppm, 520nm, 250 test
1.9403.00Alcalinity T, 0-500nm, 577nm, 50 tests
1.9466.00Alcalinity T, 0-500ppm, 577nm, 250 tests
1.9401.00Aluminium, 0-0.5ppm, 577nm, 50 tests
1.9469.00Aluminium, 0-0.5ppm, 577nm, 250 tests
1.9408.00Ammonia, 0-1.0ppm N, 630nm, 50 tests
1.9470.00Ammonia, 0-1.0ppm N, 630nm, 250 tests
1.9002.00Ammonia, Nessler, 0-15ppm N, 420nm, 25 tests tube
1.9407.00Boron, 0-2.5ppm, 420nm, 50 tests
1.9471.00Boron, 0-2.5ppm, 420nm, 160 tests
1.9409.00Bromine, 0-10.0ppm, 520nm, 50 tests
1.9472.00Bromine, 0-10.0ppm, 520nm, 250 tests
1.9406.00Calcium, Hardness, 0-500ppm CaCO3,577nm, 50 tests 577nm,
1.9473.00Calcium, Hardness, 0-500ppm CaCO3, 577nm, 250 tests
1.9411.00Zinc, 0-4.0ppm, 630nm, 50 tests
1.9499.00Zinc, 0-4.0ppm, 630nm, 250 tests
1.9402.00Chloramines, Chlorine, 0-5.0ppm, 520nm, 50 tests
1.9461.00Chloramines, Chlorine, 0-5.0ppm, 520nm, 250 tests
1.9415.00Chlorine Dioxide and Chlorite, 0-10.0ppm, 520nm, 50 tests
1.9451.00Chlorine Dioxide and Chlorite, 0-10.0ppm, 520nm, 250 tests
1.9412.00Chlorine DPD, free,total and comb. 0-5.0ppm,520nm, 50 tests
1.9474.00Chlorine DPD.F,T and C. 0-5.0ppm, 520nm, 250 tests
1.9412.01Chlorine DPD.F.0-5.0ppm, 50 testst
1.9474.01Chlorine.F.0-5.0ppm, 520nm, 250 tests
1.9413.00Chlorine, 0-250ppm, 490nm, 50 tests
1.9483.00Chlorine, 0-250ppm, 490nm, 250 tests
1.9419.00Chloride, 0-50000ppm, 520nm, 50 tests
1.9475.00Chloride, 0-50000ppm, 520nm, 250 tests
1.9422.00Copper, F and C. 0-5.0ppm, 520nm, 50 tests
1.9476.00Copper F and C. 0-5.0ppm, 520nm, 250 tests
1.9423.00Colour, 0-500Pt/Co, 415nm, 50 tests
1.9428.00Chromium (VI), 0-1.0ppm, 520nm, 50 tests
1.9477.00Chromium (VI), 0-1.0ppm, 520nm, 250 tests
1.9439.00DEHA, 0-500ppb, 550nm, 50 tests
1.9505.00DEHA, 0-500ppb, 550nm, 250 tests
1.9429.00COD, 10-150ppm, 450nm, 25 test-tubes
1.9430.00COD, 100-2000ppm, 577nm, 25 test-tubes
1.9431.00COD, 1000-20000ppm, 577nm, 25 test-tubes
1.9434.00Hardness, Total, 0-500ppm CaCO3, 577nm, 50 tests
1.9479.00Hardness, Total, 0-500ppm CaCO3, 577nm, 250 tests
1.9418.00Phenol, 0-5.0ppm, 520nm, 50 tests
1.9464.00Phenol, 0-5.0ppm, 520nm, 200 tests
1.9433.00Fluoride, 0-1.5ppm, 577nm, 50 tests
1.9481.00Fluoride, 0-1.5ppm, 577nm, 200 tests
1.9432.00Phosphate, 0-4.0ppm, 630nm, 50 tetst
1.9482.00Phosphate, 0-4.0ppm, 630nm, 200 tetst
1.9426.00Phosphate, 0-100ppm, 490nm, 50 tetst
1.9462.00Phosphate, 0-100ppm, 490nm, 250 tetst
1.9007.00Phosphorous,Total, 0-12ppm (P), 630nm, 25 tests-tubes
1.9435.00Hydrazine, 0-0.5ppp, 450nm, 30 tests
1.9484.00Hydracine, 0-0.5ppm, 450nm, 150 tests
1.9436.00Hydrogen Peroxide, 0-2.0ppm, 520nm, 50 tests
1.9485.00Hydrogen Peroxide, 0-2.0ppm, 520nm, 250 tests
1.9437.00Hydrogen Peroxide, 0-100ppm, 490nm, 50 tests
1.9452.00Hydrogen Peroxide, 0-100ppm, 490nm, 250 tests
1.9443.00Iron, 0-5.0ppm, 520nm, 50 tests
1.9500.00Iron, 0-5.0ppm, 520nm, 250 tests
1.9438.00Iron, 0-10ppm, 577nm, 50 tests
1.9486.00Iron, 0-10ppm, 577nm, 250 tests
1.9440.00Magnesium, 0-100ppm, 520nm, 50 tests
1.9487.00Magnesium, 0-100ppm, 520nm, 250 tests
1.9441.00Manganese, 0-0.03ppm, 630nm, 50 tests
1.9488.00Manganese, 0-0.03ppm, 630nm, 250 tests
1.9447.00Manganese, 0-5ppm, 550nm, 50 tests
1.9503.00Manganese, 0-5ppm, 550nm, 250 tests
1.9442.00Molybdate, 0-20ppm, 415nm, 50 tests
1.9489.00Molybdate, 0-20ppm, 415nm, 200 tests
1.9446.00Molybdate, 0-100ppm, 415nm, 50 tests
1.9480.00Molybdate, 0-100ppm, 415nm, 250 tests
1.9448.00Nickel, 0-10ppm, 520nm, 50 tests
1.9490.00Nickel, 0-10ppm, 520nm, 200 tests
1.9450.00Nitrate (N), 0-20ppm, 577nm, 50 tests
1.9491.00Nitrate (N), 0-20ppm, 577nm, 200 tests
1.9010.00Nitrate (N), 0-30ppm, 415nm, 25 test-tubes
1.9454.00Nitrite (N), 0-0.5ppm. 520nm, 50 tests
1.9492.00Nitrite (N), 0-0.5ppm. 520nm, 250 tests
1.9455.00Nitrite (Sodium Nitrite), 0-1500ppm. 490nm, 50 tests
1.9501.00Nitrite (Sodium Nitrite), 0-1500ppm. 490nm, 250 tests
1.9012.00Nitrogen, Total (N), 0-30ppm, 415nm, 25 test-tubes
1.9414.00Organophosphonate, 0-20ppm, 630nm, 50 tests
1.9502.00Organophosphonate, 0-20ppm, 630nm, 250 tests
1.9445.00Ozone, 0-2.0ppm, 520nm, 50 tests
1.9449.00Ozone, 0-2.0ppm, 520nm, 250 tests
1.9417.00pH, 6.8-8.4, 520nm, 50 test
1.9504.00pH, 6.8-8.4, 520nm, 250 test
1.9420.00PHMB, 0-100ppm, 630nm, 50 test
1.9463.00PHMB, 0-100ppm, 630nm,250 test
1.9456.00Potasium, 0-12ppm, 520nm, 50 tests
1.9494.00Potasium, 0-12ppm, 520nm, 250 tests
1.9457.00Silica, 0-4.0ppm, 630nm, 50 tests
1.9495.00Silica, 0-4.0ppm, 630nm, 200 tests
1.9421.00Silica, 0-150ppm, 450nm, 50 tests
1.9453.00Silica, 0-150ppm, 450nm, 200 tests
1.9458.00Sulphate, 0-200ppm, 520nm, 50 tests
1.9496.00Sulphate, 0-200ppm, 520nm, 200 tests
1.9459.00Sulphite, 0-500ppm, 577nm, 50 tests
1.9497.00Sulphite, 0-500ppm, 577nm, 250 tests
1.9460.00Sulphide, 0-0.5ppm, 630nm, 50 tests
1.9498.00Sulphide, 0-0.5ppm, 630nm, 200 tests
1.9371.00Surfactants, anionics, 0.05-2.00ppm, 630nm, 50 tests
1.9444.00Turbidity, 5-400NTU, 520nm, 50 tests


1.9443.01Citrate IR tablets for Iron, 50 tests
1.9365.00Round cuvette optically selected 16mm Ø. Pk. (4pcs)
8.9943.07Syringe Filter 25mm diam. for turbidimetry, 100pcs
8.9943.08Syringe Filter 25mm diam. for Colour APHA, 100pcs
1.9450.02Nitratest, powder, for nitrates, 50 tetst
1.9491.98Nitratest, powder, for nitrates, 100 tests
1.9424.00Ammonia Reagent conditionner, for Ammonia test in sea water
1.9371.01Solvent Reagent for anionic surfactants test, 250ml
1.9371.02Solvent Reagent for anionic surfantants test, 1L

Standards for Photometric Kits

1.9982.02Standard Ammonia, 1 ppm, 60 ml
1.9982.01Standard, Ammonia, 15 ppm, 60 ml N
2.4708.01Standard, Bromine, concentrated solution, 7.99 g
1.9984.00Standard, Cationic 1000 ppm, 100ml ( Al-Ca-Zn-Cu-Cr-Fe-Mg-Mn-Ni-K...) to indicate
2.4684.00Standard Chlorides, concentrate solution 3.545 g Cl
1.9983.00Standard, Colour 500 uds. Hazen, 60 ml
1.9971.00Standard DQO, 50 ppm, 60 ml
1.9972.00Standard DQO, 100 ppm, 60 ml
1.9974.00Standard DQO, 500 ppm, 60 ml
1.9977.00Standard DQO, 1500 ppm, 60 ml
1.9978.00Standard DQO, 5000 ppm, 60 ml
1.9980.00Standard DQO, 15000 ppm, 60 ml
8.0011.13Standard Phosphate, solution 200ppm PO4, 100ml
1.9982.09Standard Nitrate 2 ppm N, 60 ml
1.9982.07Standard Nitrate 30 ppm N, 60 ml
1.9982.10Standard Nitrite 0.5 ppm N, 60 ml
2.6939.01Standard, Silicium1000 ppm, 100 ml
1.9982.15Standard, Sulphate SO4 200 ppm, 60 ml
1.9371.03Standard, Aninoc surfactants, 60 ml
1.9779.00Primary standard, Formazine 4000 NTU, 125 ml
1.9776.00Primary standard SDVB, EPA 5 NTU, for D-112 and D-110, 60 ml
1.9777.00Primary standard SDVB, EPA 40 NTU, for D-112 and D-110, 60 ml
1.9778.00Primary standard SDVB, EPA 400 NTU, for D-112 and D-110, 60 ml