Rotator Stirrers

Rotator Stirrer D-01

Rotator provided of disk with clamps for tubes or tray for capsules
Angle of rotation can be continuously set between 0 and 90º
Comes with line cord but without disk or tray
Speed control: 0-15 r.p.m. 230V 50/60Hz. Code: 1.8007.00

Description - Accessories
1.8007.00D-01 - Rotator stirrer, without disk or tray. Speed control: 0-15 rpm
1.8016.00Tray for 18 capsules of 28 mm. diameter
1.8017.00Tray for 8 capsules of 40 mm. diameter
1.8016.01Tray mix (to indicate)
1.8008.01Disk for 16 Eppendorf tubes
1.8008.00Disk for 16 tubes of 12 to 14 mm. diameter
1.8009.00Disk for 16 tubes of 15 to 18 mm. diameter
1.8010.00Disk for 16 tubes of 20 to 24 mm. diameter