Thermostatic Baths

Cooling Bath with circulation BRC10

Model BRC10

Thermostat of last technology, controlled entirely by
microprocessor, without deviations,with uniform operation
Built in stainless steel
PID digital temperature control
Circulating pump for mixing and external temperature control of devices
Automatic systems of security for control of liquid level
Compressor for cooling
Temperature range -10ºC to 100ºC
Input power 1,5Kw
Temperature fluctuation range ±0,05ºC to 0,02ºC
Circulating pump flow maxim 6L/min
Refrigerant R600a
Operation 230V 50/60Hz
Code 12.0100.70

Thermostatic Bath Model D-40

Model D-40

Microprocessor control
Stainless steel made
Range of temperature control: 2,5 to +60ºC
Digital indicator
Peristaltic pump for recirculation fluid: 4 to 20l/hour to thermostat outside devices
Timer, total, cycles and ramps
Peltier cooling system
Removable stainless steel reservoir
Supplied with cover reservoir and tubes
Power 300W (230V) - 600W (110V)
Fluctuation of temperature ± 0.1ºC
Heating unit Cartridge
Heating power 100W
Recirculation control from 4 to 20L/hour
Cooling capacity 180W
Reservoir capacity 1L /10x15 cm, Ø x height
Coolant H2O
Overall size 26x34x29cm width x deep x height
Heating time: <30min 20ºC to 60ºC
Operation/ Weight 110-230V 50-60Hz /9.5Kg
Cooling time: <100min, 20ºC to 5ºC
Code 1.8200.00

12.0100.70Cooling Bath with circulation BRC10
1.8200.00D-40 - Thermostat cold (Peltier)-heat circulator 1L. Variable flow max. 12L/h . Range: 2,5ºC +60ºC