Turn Dishes

Turn Dishes Model D-10

Provided of round platform that can be turn slowly up 6 rpm, with round marks for to place
Petri dishes of  55, 90, 100 and 140 millimetres of diameter
The rotation to make easy a uniform micro-organism scatter on Petri dishes
Foot switch connector. The foot switch is supplied as accessory and to make possible the
start / stop function for hand free


Speed: 0- 360rpm
Overall size: 160 x 200 x 120 mm
Platform size: 150mm diameter.
Weight: 1.5kg.
Operate: 230V 50/60Hz. 0. 3Amp

Description - Accessories
1.8018.00D-10 - Turn Petri dishes, plataform for, 55, 65, 90 and 140mm.diameters. Speed control
1.9740.00Foot switch