Peristaltic Pumps

General Description

The DINKO peristaltic pumps provide flows between 0.001 and 12 L/minute according to the pump head, the revolutions of the associate motor and the inside diameter of the flexible tube installed in the head

The tables of flows indicate the intervals of regulation by each tube for the variable speed pumps and the fixed flow for the pumps without regulation.

The rotors of pump head can have of  polycarbonate with two rollers, or metallic rotor with three rollers,  but this doesn't affect to the flow of the pumps, only to the cadence of the flow

Each code of pump includes a head pump, a motor and a selection of flexible tubes of different composition and diameter.

It is advisable to choose the inside diameter tube that allows to obtain the flow wanted with the smallest  revolutions of the motor.

It will be possible this way to lengthen the motor life and flexible tubes